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Alaina Murphy

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Alaina has a unique and therapeutic approach to her private sessions where Yoga meets wellness and well being. Alainas' deep knowledge of Yoga Asanas gets interwoven with her natural intuitive gift of understanding each individual client's needs.

Alaina incorporates elements of movement, Yoga poses, breathing techniques, physical therapy, Thai massage and meditation into her sessions. All the exercises and postures are designed to maximize the synchronicity of mind and body functioning. Whether you are working on healing a specific injury/area of the body, need a completely relaxing & restorative experience, looking to build over strength and flexibility, or want to deepen your understanding of yoga poses and modalities, each session is custom designed to address the needs and goals of the practitioner. 


Alainas' private offerings can be translated into an experience where the client uses Yoga to help heal specific problems, either physical, emotional or spiritual; to gain a sense of power, and to go beyond the physical nature by improving one's mental and physical wellness.

Please feel free to reach out to Alaina:

Alaina Murphy took her first yoga class at age 17 and was deeply moved by the freedom the practice created in her body, as well as fascinated by the body’s ability to heal and transform.  After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2003, she studied various methods of yoga including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Shadow, Forrest, and Anusara.  Her love for yoga and anatomy just kept  growing and growing.  Alaina received her yoga Teacher Certification within the Anusara Yoga program in 2008.  She continued on to study the Pilates system the following year, becoming a  Certified Pilates Instructor, and has been teaching full time ever since.

Alaina moved back from California to her home town of Guilford, Vermont in 2011 and opened Inner Heat Yoga in 2012. As owner and director of IHY, it is Alaina’s dream come true to share her passion with others and to be a part of this nurturing community and it just keeps growing and evolving, reaching new heights. She now lives in Brattleboro with her husband, Mark and her two daughters, Fiona & Iris.

Jennie Cohen

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Have questions? Working on a particular skill? Getting back to practice after an injury and need some individual attention? Schedule a private session with Jennie to have your needs addressed one-on-one.


Jennie has years of experience workshopping movement strategies with individual students all over the globe. Whether you’re looking to refine your chaturanga or finally figure out a tricky arm balance, Jennie has a million little tips and tricks to help you meet your movement goals.


Jennie’s strong anatomy background and creative puzzle-solving skills can serve you as you return to your practice after an injury or if you’re working with a particular condition. While Jennie can’t diagnose or treat, she can help you adapt the practice to your needs now and can help you identify movement strategies that work for you so that you can return to group classes with confidence.

Jennie Cohen, E-RYT 500, started teaching yoga in New York City in 2006. As a YogaWorks teacher trainer, she's taught aspiring teachers, experienced teachers, and movement enthusiasts all over the globe.

After completing her 500-hour training with YogaWorks, Jennie pursued anatomy studies with Irene Dowd, Leslie Kaminoff, Jules Mitchell, Sarah Court DPT, and Gil Hedley and added Yoga Tune Up therapy-ball work to her teaching repertoire.

Jennie's asana classes are playful and exploratory, creating space for observation and self-knowledge. Her creative and intelligent sequencing guides practitioners through a movement experience that's both physically and mentally stimulating.

Study with Jennie to learn anatomy in fun and practical ways, to build or refine your skills, and to expand your movement repertoire. Jennie's fascination with the body in motion and her studies of the texts that form yoga’s philosophical foundation infuse her teaching, making it both informative and transformative.

Jo Schneiderman


Are you stiff, having a new pain, feeling constriction in some part of your body, been injured or recovering from orthopedic surgery?

You might want to try private yoga sessions with Jo.
Jo has studied yoga for over 50 years and she can tailor your session to your specific needs and goals.
Working with props to ensure you can achieve the poses, Jo will help you build on your abilities and mitigate the effects of aging, injury or surgery so you can move through life with maximum strength,stability and fluidity.
Jo is particularly skilled at working with aging bodies. Her goal in privates is to ensure you can move the way you want to without pain.

Jo Schneiderman, E-RYT 500, has been teaching yoga since 1973. Over her 50 year career she has explored many yoga styles, focusing almost exclusively on the Iyengar method since 1997. The Iyengar method is characterized by an emphasis on anatomy and alignment and its use of props to ensure everyone experiences success in every pose.
Jo has enhanced her yoga study with other movement modalities including Feldenkrais, Pilates, Dance,
Circus, Physical Therapy, Aerobics and more.
She has used yoga to heal from a debilitating car accident and from cancer.

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