At Inner Heat Yoga we offer a state of the art tranquil space to bring peace, calm, and balance to your practice. Inner Heat Yoga boasts two full size showers and three bathrooms for a fresh clean you, a tea room to bring calm and harmony  while warming your body with a hot cup of tea, a coat room for storing your personal belongings, a large yoga studio, an intimate smaller studio, a massage/bodywork room, as well as the Day Glow Spa room to bring your body into full alignment. Inner Heat Yoga is dedicated to serving every aspect of the body to support a more balanced harmonized you.

Inner Heat Yoga offers a full selection of yoga mats and props for use at our studio. 

















Vinyasa Yoga

Inner Heat Yoga offers a variety of Vinyasa yoga classes. Vinyasa yoga is one of the more popular yoga styles practiced in the west today. Vinyasa yoga moves through fluid poses and the sequence is never the same. This is different from "fixed forms" of yoga like Bikram and Ashtanga where each class features the same postures in the same order. The fluid, changing sequences of Vinyasa yoga allow the body to become balanced and help to prevent repetitive motion injuries that generally occur from doing the same thing every day and using the same muscle groups. Vinyasa helps us to honor the impermanence of life as we fluidly move from one pose to the next. Vinyasa yoga is said to have begun with Tirumalai Krishnamacharya (Read his book, Yoga Makaranda—The Nectar of Yoga, for more info on Vinyasa's history). Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga that is widely practiced today but often misunderstood. The term Vinyasa is derived from Nysa, meaning "to place", and vi, defined as "in a special way". This definition allows us to understand the consciousness and mindfulness we use to come into and use our bodies in a mindful way during this practice. Shiva Rea says, “Vinyasa in its original meaning from the early Tantras is understood as the ‘sequence of consciousness,’ or how life unfolds from…the creative pulse of life.” 

 Vinyasa Flow Yoga

  • Vinyasa yoga uses breath to connect one posture to the next

  • Ujjayi Pranayama is the style of breathing technique that is used in vinyasa yoga, this breathing technique helps to calm the mind and warm the body. 

  • The Flow of Vinyasa is fluid, like water moving through postures (In contrast in an alignment based class you would explore one posture and then come out of it before moving to the next.)

  • The transitions in a Vinyasa flow are honored and given just as much importance as the asana. They are the parts between one posture to the next. Allowing ourselves the time to honor and respect these transitional parts of our sequence is just as important as developing the skills and focus we use on the Vinyasa postures. 

  • Vinyasa is a fluid movement based class, even when in stillness there is still movement in the beat of our heart, the inhale and exhale of our breath, and the blood flowing through our bodies.

  • Vinyasa flow warms the body and gets the heart pumping. 

  • Vinyasa yoga is a great way to build a sustainable practice as it typically moves through all of the asana families in a single class.

Inner Heat Yoga offers a variety of Vinyasa classes from our unique group of Yoga Teachers. All of their styles vary and we encourage you to explore what each of Inner Heat Yoga's Teachers as to offer your practice.

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Anusara Yoga
Anusara® Yoga means “flowing with grace” or “follow your heart.” Anusara Yoga promotes deep personal growth and transformative experiences on all levels due to its comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, creative and joyful approach to the physical, mental, spiritual and mystical aspects of yoga. Through community, movement, meditation, breathwork and Tantric philosophy, Anusara Yoga aligns your mind, body and heart, thus giving you the opportunity to connect to yourself in a deeper way.


Anusara Yoga is a unique form of Hatha yoga that invites people of all backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to improve strength, flexibility and balance. Anusara goes beyond fitness by supporting practitioners in self-discovery.


What can you expect from an Anusara class?

  • A focus on aligning mind, body and heart through careful movement, based on a deep understanding of the body’s skeletal, muscle and fascia structures

  • Increased strength, flexibility, balance and awareness

  • A highly-trained teacher who is eager to share their love of Anusara with newcomers and experienced practitioners alike

  • The opportunity to connect the heart, body and mind through meditation and reflection

Buti Yoga

Amanda White is Inner Heat Yoga's Buti Yoga Teacher Amanda White has been practicing Yoga for over 19 years. She has her 200-hour RYT Yoga Certification and is certified in Buti Yoga – a dynamic Yoga flow that combines primal movement with cardio bursts. Amanda fell in love with the practice of Yoga and the way it helps people attune to their physical body and emphasize the mind-body connection.

Buti is a soulful blend of power yoga, cardio-intensive movement, and deep abdominal toning. Buti is an Indian Marathi word that means "a cure that has been hidden or kept secret." Buti is more than a great physical workout – it is a practice that can transform how we experience ourselves and the world around us. By tapping into and honoring centuries-old traditions of movement – along with our own creative expression – we open up energy channels in the body that help us attune to our inner wisdom and well-being. 

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Restorative Yoga With Hot Stones

Restorative yoga cultivates relaxation of the mind while supporting the body. Restorative yoga poses require no muscular exertion; each pose is held for several minutes and students achieve the same benefits of twists, backbends, and forward folds while being deeply supported by bolsters, blocks, blankets and other props. Students are guided to mindfully and consciously notice thoughts and sensations, gently activating the body’s parasympathetic (calming) nervous system to cultivate a sense of balance and rejuvenation. Hot stones placed mindfully on the body add the healing effects of radiant heat and energy. No yoga or meditation experience is needed and all experience levels are welcome. Excellent for pregnancy, those recovering from injury, and as accompaniment to an active yoga practice.


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Fluid Vinyasa 

Fluid Yoga classes dynamically link the flowing nature of  breath with mindful, continual movement. 

This heat-building flow not only increases strength and flexibility, but trains the mind to be more content and relaxed throughout difficult challenges on and off the mat. Fluid yogis embrace qualities embodied by the universal elements to become  grounded and balanced, like the earth; graceful, like water; strong and pure, like fire; connected to their breath and mind with the clarity of air; and relaxed and rejuvenated with each journey into the spaciousness of savasana.


The Fluid style of teaching includes simple cueing, mindful hands-on assists and is for the intermediate or advanced practitioner interested in challenging postures.

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A Korean martial art combining kicks, strikes, throws, falls, grappling, joint-locks, and other skills into a modern and effective system of self-defense.


Yongmudo emphasizes a "flexibility of response," offering an array of self-defense options to address various threats to our safety. 

We provide a class space that is safe for people of all ages, body types, and orientations to improve their fitness, mind-body coordination, and overall well-being while still emphasizing traditional martial arts values of continuous technical improvement, commitment to community, and respect for oneself and others.

Kids Yongmudo

Yongmudo is a Korean martial art combining kicks, strikes, throws, falls, grappling, joint-locks, and other skills into a modern and effective system of self-defense.   


Classes for kids emphasize the basic philosophy of traditional martial arts: respect for self and others, self-discipline, and striving for continuous improvement.   Students will practice a variety of martial and self-defense techniques while learning how to maintain control and keep themselves and their partners safe.  Parents are also welcome to participate in the class.

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