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Meet The Team

Jon Doe

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Andrew’s kind smile and calming presence create a warmth that contributes to a very therapeutic environment. As he seeks to make the most out of the massage experience. Andrew encourages communication with his clients to facilitate their full investment in their own healing process. Combining Swedish massage with deep tissue, cupping or Reiki energy healing in order to tailor the perfect massage for you is his specialty.

Andrew is excited to work with people of all ages, genders, sizes and body types as his approach is sensitive and empathetic to the differences in us all.




With Hannah Ruth (she/they), every massage is a dance. She's been a dancer since her childhood, and has found her dance training to be wonderfully supportive of her work as a massage therapist. She brings grace, ease, and deep listening to each session, and seeks to find the sweet spot that will leave her clients feeling refreshed, relaxed, and released.

She believes all bodies are beautiful and deserving of deep care, and she seeks to make her practice a welcoming space for all. Hannah Ruth offers blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, as well as hand and foot Reflexology, and Oncology Massage for those in active treatment, recent recovery, or long term survivorship from cancer.




Alaina Murphy took her first yoga class at age 17 and was deeply moved by the freedom the practice created in her body, as well as fascinated by the body’s ability to heal and transform.  After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2003, she studied various methods of yoga including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Shadow, Forrest, and Anusara.  Her love for yoga and anatomy just kept growing and growing.  Alaina received her yoga Teacher Certification within the Anusara Yoga program in 2008.  She continued on to study the Pilates system the following year, becoming a Certified Pilates Instructor, and has been teaching full time ever since.

Alaina moved back from California to her home town of Guilford, Vermont in 2011 and opened Inner Heat Yoga in 2012. As owner and director of IHY, it is Alaina’s dream come true to share her passion with others and to be a part of this nurturing community and it just keeps growing and evolving, reaching new heights. She now lives in Brattleboro with her husband, Mark and her two daughters, Fiona & Iris.

Alaina teaches a unique flowing Vinyasa class, which focuses on connecting with the breath and expanding it, as a tool to deepen the practice.  Her practice also utilizes the subtle core and proper alignment to create more ease and strength within each pose and transition.

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