Andrew Hallal

Andrew’s kind smile and calming presence create a warmth that contributes to a very therapeutic environment as he seeks to make the most out of the massage experience Andrew encourages communication with his clients to facilitate their full investment in their own healing process. Combining Swedish massage with deep tissue, cupping or Reiki energy healing in order to tailor the perfect massage for you is his specialty.

Andrew is excited to work with people of all ages, genders, sizes and body types as his approach is sensitive and empathetic to the differences in us all. 

Client Feedback:

"I say to my friends "He's a magician!" Therapeutic massage with Andrew is truly transformative. His gentle nature, attunement to the body, and knowledge of body connections makes for a truly therapeutic experience."  - VR

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Phone: 401-952-7975


Stefanie Waite

Stefanie began performing bodywork in 2010 when she first discovered Reiki. Intrigued – and surprised – by the sensations of warmth and cold, constriction and flow she could feel when working on others, she decided to further explore Reiki and completed her Reiki I certification.

After some time of practicing Reiki on others, she sought to add a physical aspect to balance her practice which led to her attending Spa Tech Institute’s massage therapy program in Plymouth, MA in 2014. She also received her Reiki II certification the same year. Ever fascinated by the human body, Stefanie continues to learn about fitness and physical health on her own time while pursuing a degree in Health and Sports sciences. 


A manifestation of her dual training and interests, Stefanie’s approach integrates gentle, nurturing Reiki energy seamlessly into her intuitive and technical massages which include elements of Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, active release techniques as well as others. She specializes in addressing deep knots and tension without the typical pain associated with a deep tissue massage. By focusing on relieving the body of the pain response through gentle touch and manipulation of the nervous system, she opens the door for firmer work with minimal discomfort, allowing her client time to fully let go and relax their body and mind. The aim of each of her sessions is to provide her clients with a soothing therapeutic massage that melts tension and leaves them feeling, thinking, breathing, and moving better. 

Client Feedback:

"Stefanie is a knowledgeable, sensitive, and wonderful massage practitioner.
She is a gentle and genuine spirit who makes you feel very comfortable.
Her strong hands intuit the needs of your body at every turn in deep and profound way.
You leave feeling unknotted and relaxed."  

Contact Stefanie directly:
Phone: (781) 234-5915