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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

Niki understands how the body can hold and trap events, emotions, and even trauma, leading to unwanted or unsuccessful life patterns.  These patterns can manifest as chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression, or simply just feeling stuck.  Yoga therapy is a means to create a new relationship with the body.  Supported posture or movement gets the client working into physical, emotional or subtle edges in order to create a conversation with what’s showing up in the present moment.  This process helps the client bring awareness, acceptance, truth, and choice into action which ultimately creates new patterns and carves new neuropathways in the brain which can lead to lasting change.  What’s showing up in your body?  In your life?  Maybe you’re ready to make a specific change, or simply start getting to know your body.  Wherever you are, this process meets you right there.


For more information about Niki:

Visit https://www.yogameetstherapy.com/

You can also email her at yogameetstherapy@gmail.com


These one-on-one sessions use supported movements and postures that allow you to check in with your body on a profound and transformative level.  Niki skillfully brings you into dialogue with your own bodily sensations in order to help you understand more about how what shows up in your body also shows up in your life.

Niki Fletcher has been a student of yoga since 2005.  It was introduced as a way to help heal an injury, and over the years she has learned the multitude of ways that yoga can heal.  In 2011, Niki completed her first vinyasa teacher training, as well as studying Yin Yoga at Omega Institute.  Currently, she is a certified Yoga Therapist and Life Mentor.  She’s also a faculty mentor for Phoenix Rising school of Yoga Therapy, and is continuing her education in order to become Internationally Accredited.

Niki says: “After working in mental health for a number of years, and finding my own healing through yoga, I realized that there had to be another way to help those suffering from PTSD, trauma, anxiety, and depression, to name a few.  I stumbled across Phoenix Rising, have had a few success stories of my own, and have never looked back.  Our bodies have a story to tell, and often we get lost in the demands of a busy life and forget to listen to it.”