Series & Workshops


September 29th
$18 drop in| $5 w/ IHY class card

Join Niki Fletcher the last Friday of each month for a passive practice in Yin. This relaxing and restorative session, consists of sitting in a posture for up to 5 minutes – which is the magic number to allow connective tissue and fascia some time to receive benefit. Each posture is focused on surrendering and letting gravity take over.

This practice can be used as a way to heal from injury, increase flexibility, learn to meditate or explore sensation and edge to better understand one’s own body. Although it is acceptable to do an entire practice without any props, it is encouraged to use whatever may be necessary to support oneself.


Jed Blume will bring the musical element of the evening. Jed is an emerging new age and world music composer based in Brattleboro, Vermont. He frames his music as an intersection of the performing arts and the healing arts. His primary projects consist of Aura Shards (World Fusion Duo), Deep Seize (Electronic Fusion Duo), and his solo material. Jed has performed on tabla and handpan throughout New England and the mid-Atlantic.

You can hear Jed’s music at: