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Alaina Murphy took her first Yoga class at age 17 and was deeply moved by the freedom the practice created in her body, as well as fascinated by the body’s ability to heal and transform.  After  moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2003, she studied various methods of Yoga including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Shadow, Forrest, and Anusara.  Her love for Yoga and anatomy just kept  growing  and growing.  Alaina received her Yoga Teacher Certification within the Anusara Yoga program in 2008.  She continued on to study the Pilates system the following year, becoming a  Certified Pilates Instructor, and has been teaching full time ever since.

As owner and director of Inner Heat Yoga, it is Alaina’s dream come true to share her passion with others and to be a part of this nurturing community.

Alaina teaches a unique flowing Vinyasa class, which focuses on connecting with the breath and expanding it, as a tool to deepen the practice.  As well as finding proper alignment to create more  ease  and strength within each pose and transition.

Patricia bio pic Patricia Wilson began practicing yoga with her parents as a young teen, and meditation a few years later. Her first teacher training was with Ruth Bender in 1976.    Although being a dancer and choreographer became Patricia’s focus, yoga was always an integral part of her life.  Patricia was chosen by modern dance pioneer  Katherine Dunham to be part of a small group of dancers chosen by to continue the legacy of the Dunham Technique.  This technique is based on the similar    philosophies as yoga, and the two paths have been intertwined throughout Patricia’s life.  In the past few years Patricia has been studying yoga with Shiva Rea and Tantra with Christopher Thompkins.    She is currently working toward a 500-hr certification with Shiva Rea in Prana Vinyasa Yoga.  Patricia offers a heart-centered vinyasa practice that will allow each yogi to makes choices so that they can  practice at their own level.

Patricia sends her gratitude to all her teachers, especially Katherine Dunham, Arthur Hall and Shiva Rea.  As well she humbly honors the Great Mother, her teacher in the form of the mountains, the  waters and the winds.  Om Shanti.  Jai Ma.


Emily Samet finds great joy in holding space for others to become more present and embodied through their yoga practice. She seeks to bring the same joy and devotion she feels in her personal practice to her teaching. She honors the unique needs of each individual and seeks to create a welcoming atmosphere that supports exploration without expectations. She teaches an energetic vinyasa class, including lively sequences balanced with opportunities to drop in deeply. In addition to teaching, she holds heart-centered guidance and wellness sessions via Grounded Holistic Astrology, found at





Tessa 1

Tessa Tavares’ passion for the practice of yoga began years ago when a close acquaintance introduced her to a class in the local area. From there she began taking various classes on a regular basis and established a consistent home practice. Deeply inspired by the physical, psychological, and spiritual transformation that a yoga practice created in her life, she made the transformational decision to move forward with a teacher training program. Focusing on strength, deepening awareness of the body, and safe alignment, Tessa offers a dynamic practice that will focus the mind, uplift the spirit, and work into the deep layers of the body. Join Tessa and work on the fundamentals or gently expand your established practice.




Niki Fletcher

Niki Fletcher has been a student of yoga for over 10 years.  In 2011 Niki discovered Bhava Vinyasa and went on to complete her first teacher training with Peter Rizzo. She also studied Yin Yoga at Omega Institute and is currently immersed in an Internationally Accredited Yoga Therapy training program through Phoenix Rising.  She believes that our bodies have a story to tell and often we get lost in the demands of a busy life and forget to listen to it.  Yoga has helped her to connect to the true purpose of my life.  Using yoga as a means to help others reconnect with their inner wisdom to empower and find harmony in life on and off the mat.  Her classes typically have a slower flow and are designed to build strength,  cultivate flexibility and find balance all while encouraging the practitioner to listen to their body and move with their breath in order to find a truly self- supportive practice.



Asah Cramer attended yoga for the first time when she was in her early 20’s and instantly fell in love. She went on to receive her 200 hour certification level with Tracy Donahue, and continues to train consistently. When she is not practicing yoga, she is likely knitting, reading or playing with her cats.

Asah teaches a moderate to vigorous Vinyasa class, though is accommodating of all skill levels. She loves to focus on the balance of movement and stillness, ease and effort, and the combination of body and breath. Explore your potential and challenge your limits, Thursdays at 5:30pm! 





Natalie Knowles is a yogi, an indoor cycler, a teacher, a guide, a soul searcher, spirit junkie, foodie, mother, friend, lover, wife all rolled into one…but most of all, Natalie is people person, a connector to the heart and soul and from moving from this authenticity, she makes her way into people’s lives through yoga, fitness and all things wellness. Natalie has always been a group fitness junkie and began her own career in group fitness 15 years ago when she was certified in prana vinyasa yoga.

Natalie holds several other certifications including Beginner and Intermediate Mat Pilates through Power Pilates, NETA group exercise certification, TRX suspension training, children’s yoga through Radiant Child Yoga and has trained with Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, Claire Este- McDonald and others who may not have HUGE names but are equally as badass.

Natalie’s classes offer a challenging yet accessible practice in all disciplines.  Through creative sequencing and lots of humor, she encourage her students to take themselves to the next level and explore where they can go as opposed to staying complacent in where they automatically go to.  If you are intimidated or think it will be too hard, well, you should DEFINITELY get yourself into a class with her! In other words, SHOW UP BIG, SHOW UP BOLD AND KICK ASS ALONG THE WAY!

She lives a compassionate, FULL but FUN life in the southern New Hampshire with her family including her 2 children, who are constantly serving as her greatest teachers both on and off the mat! For more information on Natalie, her offerings and oodles of other material visit

Sher Levesque, E-RYT 500, has been practicing meditation for over 25 years & yoga for 18 years. She grew up spending time exploring and finding center through movement (dance), sound/music and nature. Sher has completed yoga teacher trainings in Hatha, Kundalini & Prana Vinyasa and additional trainings in Restorative, Yin & Trauma Sensitive Yoga.
Her classes are dynamic slow flow vinyasa style that include breath work & meditation to help students find practices that will serve them on and off the mat. Sher also worked in non-profit human services agencies for over 18 year in different capacities, including offering yoga to those with trauma, mental health/substance abuse issues and acquired/traumatic brain injuries.
She is also a healing arts practitioner, offering crystal healing, sound work sessions and other energy based modalities. For more information on her private session offerings, please visit